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Montag, 14. Juni 2021 23:48
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Glass is from nature a fragile material.
In order to increase its application type and above all security, we offer thermally linked up glass.
By heating the glass up on a temperature between 620°C and 680°C and the following sudden cooling changes the material its internal structure.
Beyond that hardened glass disintegrates when smashing to small blunt parts, and prevents in this way injuries.
Security is nich only one regulation.
But also a need!



sanblasting-work on glass

With high pressure the blast grain is hurled on the glass, the surface of the glass is sand blasted and obscuroly.
The light permeability remains nearly unchanged.
This procedure becomes related also by several depths in tho 30-tochnik, in up to 7 stages deoply.
In tho external aroa tho improvod surface is sot into the space between panes of tho insulating glazing, tho decoration is thus protected against contamination.
Whothor as "Decor” within commercial ranges, or for your personal at homo.
In co-operation with you wo provide your motive.
The fantasy has no borders



gluing glass

By moans of UV technology wo aro able, to stick together glasses with one another and to faston also metal or stone parts to those.
By illuminating tho stuck together surfacos no sticking arrears remain visible, and tho stuck together places have a larger mechanical maximum stress than tho glass.
This technology in connection with other glass working on techniques makes possible to provide it to us for you singular products.
Let from us confer witthout obligation





Picture-print on glass

A new kind pictures to regard and present is our picture pressure on glass.
Each moment itfigurativy recorded, wo can perpetuate them on glass.
On a glass area of 1 to 2 motors laost itself their picture projezieren in the same Brilianz as the original.
Larger surfaces whole soils, or wall paintings can bo manufactured sot on several glass plates together as picture.
The characteristics arc amazing, laugonfest, resistant to friction, UV Protected.
No borders are sot to your Fantasien also here.
Let from that variety inspire itself.



The ranges of application of this material are substantially extended by bending glass.

The furniture industry represents here a strong customer.

Of course curved glass is used also for a large number of individual projects.

Also nothing stands to your desires in the way !

Can they by us be conferred without obligation !


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